Where We PUSH



We work with 120 young people from Busua and Takoradi, where the average salary is $50 per month. The majority of the students have never been out of their village or city. We partner with 5 schools in the area , who we support with school equipment and anyother donations received.

We also support an orphanage called the Hope centre , which is rapidly growing and houses over 20 orphans and provides a school to over 200 students in the nearby village, which is one of the most impoverished areas in Ghana.


We are working with a variety of backgrounds in Jamaica. We are supported by a local charity and a few schools in St Annes.

South Africa 


We work with a shelter who take care of girls who have been trafficked or sexually abused.

They are from all over Africa, they have been found by the police or social services and brought to the shelter, where they are well looked after and empowered.

Cape Town 

We run a football team in Cape Town, called PCT Football club comprising of almost 60 players. They are predominately from Mitchell’s plain and Mannenberg. These are challenging areas, which has seen a lot of gun crime and young people lose their lives.


We began PUSH in the UK. We work with young carers. Young carers are young people who have to take care of their parent for various reasons and therefore they have less time to take care of themselves.

We also work with young people from the south London community, who have huge aspirations.


The schools who undertake our programs in the UAE are primarily private schools. The students are from all over the world and different backgrounds. The program is tailored to the region and is a paid service, which helps support the other young people in more

challenging areas.


We partner with Owen technology, who provide education solutions in the US to over 100,000 students. We work with schools in Washington DC, Maryland and North Virginia area. The young people are from different backgrounds and social statuses.